• Incorporation consulting, existence founding, revenue and cost planning
  • Choice of legal form under aspects of law, company law and tax law
  • Agreement and contract formation, company contracts including German trade register registration
  • Figuration consulting, conversion, restructuring
  • Purchase and sale of companies with different legal forms
  • Due Diligence audit
  • Consulting at company tax field audits, extraordinary field audits, wage tax field autdits, criminal proceedings on tax matters, custom audit

Family owned companies
  • Company split up
  • Last will of an entrepreneur
  • anticipated succession, planning of inheritance tax and gift tax
  • Business succession
  • Marriage-contract, divorce secondary agreement
  • Family foundation
  • nonprofit organizations, especially nonprofit foundations
  • Last will execution
  • Consulting of manager, general manager
  • Employment contract
  • Split Contract, Treaty Shopping
  • Appoint order as well as liability of members of the board of directors, general managers and managers